For over four centuries, clay pipes have been cherished throughout Europe for their faithful interpretation of tobacco flavors. Even the best briar pipe can subtly affect the taste of your favorite smoking mixtures. But not clay. For this very reason, professional tasters insist on using clay pipes to sample tobacco blends.

Like expensive meerschaum, clay is extracted from the earth. It is a natural material with no flavor of its own. Porous clay naturally filters tobacco smoke, absorbing juices and eliminating unpleasant odors other pipes often produce. Because it "breathes", absorbing and then allowing condensed moisture to evaporate, a clay pipe smokes drier. What's more, a clay pipe never needs "breaking in".

Perhaps you've always been intrigued by those old fashioned long-stemmed clay pipes. Unfortunately those pipes are fragile, easily broken, awkward to handle. And they burn hot - which is the reason for the long cooling stem in the first place.

Handmade of a unique mixture of four American clays and fired to a temperature of 2300 F, our pipes produce an ideal marriage of strength and porosity, so necessary to true tobacco taste. Each individually decorated Lepeltier Clay Pipe gives you all the traditional clay pipe advantages, yet is shatter-resistant, smokes cooler and is scaled in size and shape to please the modern smoker.

We invite you to browse through the variety of clay pipes we now display online to choose an attractive and distinctive Lepeltier Clay that will bring you to new heights of smoking pleasure.