Concord, CA,
Dear Ms. Lepeltier,

I have just received my recent order for two more of your wonderful pipes and wanted to tell you I simply cannot say enough good things about you and Lepeltier Corp.

First, it is my opinion that any pipe smoker who has never smoked a Lepeltier pipe is missing out on the entire pastime of pipe smoking. Tobacco never tastes so pure, so good, as when enjoyed in one of your delightful clays. Many men in my family --myself included--worked as master blenders at one time or another, and clay pipes (particularly Lepeltiers) were always used to taste any new mixture.

Lepeltier pipes are beautiful, whether one wants to choose from your company's wide variety of designs, ranging from wildlife to riverboats, or prefers a solid color. The glazed sheen really stays on a Lepeltier, bowlful after bowlful. They are also quite economical, affordable for the amount of handcrafting and time that goes into each piece. I don't know how you manage to keep your prices so reasonable and still produce a pipe that provides an absolutely first rate smoke.

Lepeltier has always been one of the most friendly, accommodating, professional, and honest companies with which I've had the pleasure to do business. I have always received my orders promptly. I have never received a broken pipe. I have often had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Lepeltier personally, discussing everything from available shapes and designs to her future production plans and custom firings. She takes the time to listen to and deliver for the customer. Lepeltier Corp. could not have a better representative.

I have recommended Lepeltier pipes to all of my pipe smoking friends, and though some have been reluctant to try them, to those timid souls I give a Lepeltier as a gift and let the pipe speak for itself. I haven't yet lost a friend! .....


Gregory R. Maier
Conover, NC
Had I known about your pipes, I would have never bought another brand, because the Lepeltier smokes cooler and produces a delightful tobacco taste.
Bobby Lynn Travis
Augusta, ME
In 55 years of pipe smoking (from corncobs to meerschaums) I finally discovered the true taste of cool tobacco flavor.
Herb MacDonald
Moreno Valley, CA
Dear Rosalie,

the pipe arrived yesterday and I am very pleased and also a little astonished at the workmanship and quality. I am a novice smoker (your pipe was my first), but I do know quality when I see it. You will be the first on my mind for all of my future pipe smoking needs. You are a cut above the rest.
Thanks again!
Stan Varnet
Sanford, ME
Dear Rosalie

I counted this morning 24 tobacco pipes that I have acquired, and all have been smoked at one time or another. I even place bids on e-bay and clean and restore pipes as a hobby through the winter to pass the time away and give these away to my smoking friends. I started out my smoking pleasure years ago with briar pipes but choose not to smoke them for a few reasons. After buying 3 months ago a clay pipe from you and smoking it the tobacco tasted much crisper and was more tasty then ever before, what a difference. I also can smoke a variety of tobacco in the same pipe with no lingering after taste, plus clean up is a breeze. I now own 2 of your clay pipes and will only smoke them period. The workmanship is out standing,the colors, the various designs,the many choices etc, I am very impressed and will be here to support your business !
Sincerely Dana Kilton Sanford Maine.
Spring, TX
I have had my Lepeltier Classic for roughly six months now. I just wanted to drop you a line saying it has greatly exceeded my expectations. It smokes cool, requires nearly no maintenance, and allows the flavors of the tobacco to blossom in the bowl with every smoke.
Zach Scardino
Wilmette, IL
Dear. Ms. Lepeltier:
I want to thank you for the excellent Blue Burley pipe that I received recently. It was exactly as described, beautiful to look at and smokes like a dream. It is really becoming a favorite in my collection. Your service is great, your product is excellent. I also want to call attention to the very responsive service I received in creating a special order with a custom design for an organization I belong to. Again the service was excellent, the timing quick and the resultant product superior. I hope I can find other reasons to work with you in the future. All the best possible wishes,
Terry McCammon, PE